About The Cat Whisperer :: Melissa

I am a big fan of CATS!! I love them. Have always had them in my life and have been photographing them since I started photography back in the 1990’s.

I’ve been creating portraits for over 30 yrs, mainly of human. But more and more pets of all kinds were being featured in my family portrait business. I just loved that I could create the same kind of beatiful portraits of peoples precious fur babies as I was doing for the human ones.

As Im getting older its time to focus on what I love to do. Cats are a challenge. You never know how a shoot will go. They have to trust you before you can photograph them. Thankfully most sense that I adore and worship them so I have become known as the cat whisper, the cat photographer and the cat mumma!

I have strong opinions on how we should look after and watch over all our feline friends. We have a duty of care when we take on a furry friend. Cats are a special kind of creature. They decide if they want to like you. they decide if they will trust you. You cant make a cat like you. Cats have an honest essence.

So what is important to me when it comes to cats?

No judgement, no blame, just solutions: Life can throw us tough times sometimes and it’s easy to have the best of intentions but the worst of outcomes. I’m not interested in blaming people because they are not doing the best by their cats, I’m hoping that I can inspire and educate. I’m a no pitchfork zone, however you will often find me standing on my soap box.

Everyone has the best cat. No matter how you came to have a cat in your life, you have the very best one. doesn’t matter what breed you have, or how you came about getting that cat as part of your family, it goes without doubt that they are the very best cat ever. We have a house full of cats and every single one of them is the best cat and my favourite.

Desex and microchip: There is no reason in todays world for you to have a litter of kittens unless you’re not a responsible breeder. Don’t worry, domestic cats will always be around. There is such a large number of domestic kittens and cats dumped every year that the domestic breed becoming a endangered species is a long way off. What we need to do is ensure that every cat has a loving home. Currently the number of semi owned and unowned in my state of South Australia is over 100000. Over 11000 end up in animal shelters or homeless. (ref pet ownership in Australia 2016, animal medicines Australia report).

Cat Containment: Like dogs, Cats must be kept on your property. It’s a very unsafe world out there for cats. They are curious beings and get into all sorts of trouble. Let’s create safe environments where they can be entertained and well cared for. I’m talking about city cats here. Country cats often have a job to do so that’s a different thing all together. We still have one cat that is free roaming. He is 15yrs old and is always either at the front or back door. He is the last of our cats that were allowed to roam so we still allow him this freedom. But I don’t like it. He is inside more than outdoors these days and he has a curfew. Cats are quick so there will always be times where they might escape and go on an adventure. Refer to value number 1 for my answer to this on.

We don’t Declaw: I can’t believe that this barbaric practice is still happening in countries outside of Australia. If you don’t like cats clawing your stuff, then you are not the right person to be having a cat! I am proud to live in a country that can see that this is simply not on!!

Responsible breeders are not the problem: Yes of course I am going to think this, because I am a responsible cat breeder. If you want a pedigree cat, then do your homework. Don’t buy a kitten on a whim, make sure you are dealing with a breeder who is doing the right thing by the breed and by their cats. http://thecatmumma.com/how-to-find-a-reputable-cat-breeder/ will give you more information about what to look for in a breeder.

My goal is to work with others out there that have the same thoughts and ideas. A girl has still got to pay the bills. If you want to chat about how we can work together I would love for you to get in touch. Lets make the world a better place for our feline friends.