For Breeders

Hello Breeders

I am new to breeding myself and understand the importance of a combination of great phoographs, great website and excellent promotional skills. In todays world we need to not only breed amazing cats, but also educate the cat lovers and buyers what our cats personalities are like, what the breed traits and and what being a good cat owner means.

To help my support the breeding community I have special pricing and products just for you.

Obviously, my photography is one service but ask me about my website development and social media support. As an educator in the multimedia field, I can help you with all of this technology stuff and get your cattery known.

Photography and Social Media:

Showcase your cattery. Have a session at your cattery where photographs can showcase how you look after your cats, how they are raised and housed and how much you love your precious breed. You can showcase your latest litter and organse a print to go with every kitten, or get photographs done for your website. Be featured in a Cat Mumma Video to get your name out there and so you can use it on your website.

An example of a kitten shoot for breeder.
Example of shoot for website and social media.