Your Photo Shoot Experience

Great photographs don’t just happen, they are created. It takes time, planning and experience to create something that will be timeless and beautiful. Every single cat that is in front of Melissa’s lens is unique and special and Melissa’s job is to tell the story and show the character of your cat.

The process starts by understanding what kind of cat you have, what their personality is like, what they mean to you, how they came to be part of your family and how you would like them photographed. Depending on all of this we will decide if you will come to the studio or if the studio will come to you. This is all part of step one – planning your photography session.

In step 2 we take the photographs. Melissa will spend some time with you and your cats to get lots of great shots. Melissa has a reputation of being a Cat Whisperer and has lots of tricks up her sleeve to entice and bring out the best in your cat.

After the shoot you can choose to have an in person ordering session or order online. Prices for images start at $175. You can order as many or as little as you like. There is a $195 Session Fee which includes a 7″x5″ Portrait.

After you order, you sit back and wait for a few weeks while your images are prepared and printed. We will deliver your images to you either by post, in person or you can download if your order includes digital (digital files are available for instant download). But we hope that this is just the start of a great friendship, and we hope to continue to be part of your world as you admire the portraits, and keep in touch on our Facebook page.

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Step one – Planning your Photography Session

This is more that just a photography shoot. Melissa will work with you to create a timeless art piece for you of your pet.

There is a unique bond with our pets. Melissa will talk to you about who your pet is, and what personality it is that we want to capture. Where do they feel most comfortable and where will she get the best out of them.

This planning phase helps her to understand where you want to display your artwork. It gives her an idea of the type of images that need to be capture and I will provide you with more meaningful information about price and purchase options you have available to you.

Step two – The Photography Session.

Depending on your pet will depend on the chosen location for your shoot. Melissa can come to you and shoot in your home. Or she can go to a favourite location that you take your pet too. She also has a home studio that she can photograph in. There are many options depending on what you want to do with your framed art, all of which is decided in the planning session in step one.

Depending on your pets personality will depend on the chosen location for your shoot. Melissa can come to you and shoot in your home which for many cats is the best option. She also has a home studio that she can photograph in.

Melissa wants your pet to feel comfortable and relaxed in whatever environment decided on. It is all part of the fun. Time allocated depends on what you decide on Weekday shoots start at $175 and weekend shoots from $235 for the booking fee. This fee includes the time taken for planning, designing and photographing.

Step three – the ordering session.

You can choose to order online or Melissa is happy to do an in person session to work out what is best for your photographs. From wall portraits to books, there is so many options to choose from. Some of these choices would have been already discussed at the planning sessions.

If  have no idea what you are going to do with your photographs, you just know that you want to get some done then simply book the shoot, you get a photo included in that price, check out your options and then have a phone ordering session with Melissa to decide what is going to work best for you. The decision can be made after the shoot.

Our photo session fee is $195. This includes:

  • a photo session in our studio or your home for up to two pets from the same household.
  • a 5in x 7in print of your choice (valued at $175).
  • a sneak peek preview image on our Facebook page, and
  • an online purchase gallery and phone call to help you with your selection of images from your session.

To give you an idea of prices for additional products, these are 2 of the favorites.

Portrait Box Set :: 10 7×5 prints in protective box delivered straight to your home :: $895

Wall Art :: starts at :: $395

For more information please Email Melissa.